Metal Awnings & Canopies

Metal awnings & canopies are a great, functional addition to many homes that provide additional shelter from the elements. Awnings can be installed over windows and doors and like almost all of our products are available in a range of different designs and styles. If you have a particular idea for the design of your awning, we can work to it, or we can create a model based on your plans and requirements and submit it for your approval before commencing work producing and installing it for you.

Awnings are usually added to the main entrance of the property or installed over windows. Below we have provided a quick rundown of the differences and benefits of each choice.

Adding an Awning to the Front of your Property

Many people choose awnings or canopies to install over their front door or porch for their home or over their main entrance for an office, café or restaurant. Not only can a well-designed awning look great, but it can also provide practical purposes and potentially reduce maintenance for surrounding areas.

You and any visitors to your home or business premises will be sheltered from bad weather when entering and leaving the building and will also protect your door from the elements by actually diverting rain, sleet and snow away from it. In the summer they also provide an additional bonus by providing shade.

Awnings for Windows

Installing awnings & canopies above windows can break up the look of the exterior of a building. Perfect for use on windows that face the sun to provide additional shade and the angle of the design diverts rain, dead leaves and other falling debris from leaving streaks and marks on your windows which can result in less cleaning and maintenance for your windows.

Awnings can also be installed over French windows to create a significant shelter from the elements. It’s an excellent choice for back gardens that feature patios or decking as you can reduce the amount of space that will be affected by severe weather runoff which means that decking and patios will require less cleaning and maintenance and can also minimise the risk of slipping or sliding when entering or leaving your home.


Awnings for Commercial Properties

Many business owners choose to add awnings to their properties to improve outdoor areas and make them suitable for use all year round. They are a great addition to pubs and restaurants to create a cover to protect against inclement weather which makes them particularly useful when designing outdoor smoking areas.

If you are thinking of extending your property or adding a new garden or patio awnings are easy to recommend to increase your shelter and shade without dramatically altering the appearance of your premises. We can also incorporate your company logo or lettering into the design of your awning to make your premises eye-catching and memorable.