Spiral Staircases

We can design, manufacture and install custom spiral staircases to your exact specification using a variety of different materials in many different styles, contemporary or classical or even a combination of both.

During the design consultation, we will pay attention to the specific features you would like to include and provide useful suggestions where appropriate to help you enjoy and get the most out of your staircase. Our collective years of experience in the industry help give us the edge when creating and developing your ideas so you can rest assured that you will receive a quality product from ourselves.

We have completed a quantity of different spiral staircase designs for a range of uses both inside and out and for commercial and domestic users alike. To see some examples of our completed work take a look at some examples of Our Work in our portfolio.

Although there are many different styles and variants of spiral staircase design below, we have prepared a comparison of spiral stairs for indoor and outdoor use to help you choose the right solution for your property.

Interior Spiral Staircases

Interior spiral staircases are often found in many domestic and commercial settings. Many hotels layouts benefit greatly from the addition of a spiral staircase and they can make help to create a striking first impression when located near the reception.

Many restaurants and hotels also feature a spiral staircase as they are a great way to conserve space and also allow members of staff such as waiters and waitresses, cleaners and delivery personnel increased visibility when traveling between floors which can be helpful when carrying visually restrictive loads.

Similarly spiral staircases can also be easily recommended as an addition to many homes, particularly when space is restricted. Glass spiral staircases also work well with open plan interiors as you can maintain the impression of free space and further improve your visibility between floors compared to traditional stair options.

Exterior Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases for outdoor use are steadily becoming more popular. For outdoor use a hardwearing material such as steel is easy to recommend due to its long lasting durability and relatively low maintenance requirements in comparison to other materials. We can also design spiral staircases incorporating more than one material so that you can combine aesthetic features with durability and practicality.

For commercial use, spiral staircases provide a good access solution compared to some traditional staircases in outdoor areas of pubs and other premises. They allow members of staff and customers alike easy access between floors and don’t take up as much space comparatively to traditional stairs providing you with more garden space to enjoy.

Exterior spiral staircases are also a great addition to many houses, flats and apartments. They are a great way to link patios and areas of decking to gardens and to provide access to and from fire exits. If you would like to more about our spiral staircase design, construction and installation services please Contact a member of the team for further information.